This is our photo last July 2018 – Genting Highlands -Sky Avenue mall!

If you’ll ask me about Genting HL – I will say this is one of the places in Malaysia that I will never get tired of visiting.

Genting Highlands is popularly known as it houses the only place in Malaysia where one can GAMBLE – Resorts World Genting.

But other than the Casino, Genting also has several eye candy that will satisfy the tourist within you.

It has the Sky Symposium (the dancing light atrium) that put up a show every like 30 mins.

Photo last July 2018 – Ripley’s Believe it or Not arcade

The Ripley’s Believe it or Not arcade – that for sure kids will enjoy…hmmmn, even adults will do, and yeah….. sometimes you might see IRON man walking around…so take some selfie with him;)

Skytropolis an indoor amusement park (that is already completed just recently, last July 2018 it is still under-construction.).

Malls shops / restaurants and the outdoor currently under-construction 21st century fox.

This is at NU Sentral – where we took the BUS to Genting (this is while waiting for our bus no. on queue).

Above is our itinerary for the day – the day before my Husband already booked a seats for this day, you can queue on the ticketing booth on the day but to avoid hustle it is better to have your seat reserved the day before.

We’ve booked the seats at KL SENTRAL (Resorts World buses) that cost us around 16RM each that is a one-way bus to Genting (lower station) plus the Awana Skyway (cable ride up to Genting Highlands proper (Sky Avenue) is already included on the 16RM Ticket.

Most people though getting on the lower station of Genting’s Awana skyway was already the Genting Proper (because it already has the Malls/restaurants/ terminals and all), well DEAR! — you’re wrong..because the real GENTING EXPERIENCE is at the top of the mountain , so you have to ride the cable cars to get there.

It is my in-law’s first time to ride a cable car so my mom in-law is super scared but forgot about her fears after seeing the uphill of Genting HL.

The last time we went there (last July 2018) –it’s raining reason why you can barely see the surroundings due to thick fog around the hill.

This is a file video I’ve uploaded on my channel last July 2018 – Awana Skyway (cable car)

Also, the weather that time is super cold, especially in Chin Swee temple. The breeze felt like you were standing in front of an open refrigerator.

This is a file video I’ve uploaded on my channel last July 2018 – Genting HL & Chin Swee Temple Vlog

Upon arriving & taking some photos we’ve already look around for a restaurant to have our lunch.

We found this Chinese restaurant that served a very yummers CHINESE FOOD, it is called
Wanhoi Yamcha – they served Chinese, Asian, Malaysian cusine, it was located at Sky Avenue, Level T2, Genting Highlands.

The Genting’s Sky Avenue Mall Interiors will for sure be an eye candy to those who where photography enthusiast and people who appreciate Architecture. (nothing special – ehem..photo by yours truly…;)

After taking some time to rest – we went down to CHIN SWEE TEMPLE. You can get there via riding the Awana skyway (cable car) back, you need to re-purchase another ticket for going down – which cost approx. 9RM (this is a oneway down ticket plus the stop over at Chin Swe temple).

The Chin Swee Caves Temple is a Chinese temple in Genting Highlands, Pahang, Malaysia. It is situated in the most scenic site of Genting Highlands, on a 28-acre plot of rocky forested land donated by Genting Group founder the late Lim Goh Tong.

This is my photo last July 2018

And I just notice I was wearing the same OOTD last July 2018, that time the breeze was cold unlike this recently it is more bearable but still cold that ordinary.

Basically, what you’ll find in CHIN SWEE TEMPLE are:


(Photo by me)


(Photo by me)


 The walk up the path is named the Journey to Enlightenment because these chambers aim to discourage bad conduct by depicting the painful experiences an evil person would encounter in Hell. Plse rearrange the below sequences on the 10 Hell Chambers narration. 


(Photo last July 2018)


After seeing the horrifying fate that awaits evil persons, a more cheerful sight is in store as one walks up the hilly path. Visitors will be greeted by the smiling faces of the “Seven Fairies” descending from heaven with grace. This is followed by the three Gods of Fook-Lok-Sou (Luck, Wisdom and Longevity) and Wang-mo-liang-liang (Mother Goddess) as she descends to earth in a heavenly chariot.

So, after taking the path to the Journey of Enlightenment , you’ll find the Bridge of Fairies which technically showing you how the spirit of a dead person was sent to heaven, that’s when you’ll realize all this time you are being lectured what will HAPPEN TO YOU AFTER DEATH!.

I think that basically sums up the how you should spend a day in Genting HL & Chin Swee temple.

We ride the cable car going down by 4:30pm, to catch the bus pre-booked that is leaving at 5:30pm.

Aside from the fact that the place is very relaxing-close to nature, we cannot deny how INSTAGRAM-ABLE this place is, upgrade your IG feeds while embracing NATURE! 😉 , mind following me? — @amied.dm & @dkal1988 (I’ll follow back!!! promise!!).

I hope this blog again will gives you some tips & ideas if ever you plan to visit Genting HL & Chin Swee Temple.

See the part 1 of this (8N-5D TOUR ITINERARY) on the link below:


Thank you & have a blessed day ahead.




My in-laws spent their Lent Break in Malaysia last week, and even a month before this vacation – Me & my Husband already prepare our almost 8 nights-7 days tour itinerary for them to ENJOY & MAXIMIZED their stay.

We’ve focused on “KUALA LUMPUR” itself plus some extra tourist destination that are must see ourside KL , (Genting Highlands in West Pahang, ect.).

But before I proceed sharing all these, I want to apologized in advance that I DIDN’T MANAGE to “VLOG”, because No.1 – My in-laws didn’t know that I do YOUTUBE at the first place and No.2 — It will hinder my focus on guiding them through out the tour, so yeah…no VLOGS on this tour.

Plus the facts, that my photos are limited due to I’ve became the OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER….hahaha!

So, jumping on the main purpose on this blog — How to plan an almost week of vacation in KL if ever you are planning to go sometimes in the future.

Here are my major pointers whenever I went to places — not just here in KL:

First – WHAT ARE THE TOP MUST SEE PLACES? — meaning these are MAJOR LANDMARKS that will justify your visit in one place, monuments, ICONIC BUILDINGS, ect.

SecondWHAT ARE THE TOP MUST TRY FOOD or dishes? –meaning these are the top must try food in places that will give you a “TASTE” of their culture—LITERALLY.

Third – ACCESSIBILITY , CONVENIENCE AND SAFETY — we put in our minds that we are with the SENIOR CITIZENS , meaning long hours of walks won’t work. So we need to find alternatives like STUDYING THE KL MRT & LRT including monorail system to make sure we hoop on and hoop down the correct stations & connecting interchange.

But to be honest, even though we’ve already cut-off a big part of the WALKINGS, my mom-in laws still felt tired / and pained on the knees, so most of the time we pause to rest.

Lucky enough for those who plan to visit Malaysia, their subways & rail system are super convenient and not exhausted. See how relaxing to ride an air-conditioned train that you don’t need to stand throughout the ride to your destination, you for sure will arrive safe, FRESH and not haggard.

Thumbs up to RAPID KL!!

Below is the spreadsheet I made for this whole tour, you can use this as your reference if you have plan to go in Malaysia for a visit.
(I make this same spreadsheet whenever we go to places, like last December in Penang.) – So technically it’s my template formulated to maximized the tour & won’t just waste time.

So, as planned I show them around the recreational park which was actual right in front of our Condo, the “TAMAN PUDU ULU” or Pudu Ulu park.

The park was full of lush-greenery that somehow made it looks like they where just in TAGAYTAY..hahah (kidding aside).

After that morning walk, I show them the KLCC park in the afternoon, via MRT-Maluri went to MRT-Pasar Seni and then rode the LRT which flatform is on Exit C on the upper floor, took the route to Gombak and hoop down to KLCC station.

We’ve stayed on the park for about an hour after walking around to wait for Aron who went first to KL sentral to book a bus for our Genting Trip the next day.

When first time in KLCC, and you happen to felt like wanted to have a snack — just near the LRT-KLCC exit (entrance to Suria KLCC) there is this bakery which was called “ROTI BOY” — who sells this heavenly delicious COFFEE BUN which I made them try the moment we got there, and the review is as always….SUPER DELICIOUS. (didn’t manage to take photo though, but yeah…. we had coffee bun before going out.

The only sad part is we didn’t manage to take an unobstracted spot on the middle for the ICONIC shot with the Petron’s Twin tower, other tourist are roaming around and on queue-waiting for their turn.

From KLCC you can either take the LRT-MRT interconnecting route to go in BUKIT BINTANG, or take a lil’ courage to take a 20 min-30 min. walk using the luminated/covered and air-conditioned foot-bridge connecting the KLCC-BUKIT BINTANG. (THIS IS A GREAT EXCERSICE , because after this we went to “JALAN ALOR” – a famous STREET which has an almost never ending strips of local/international restaurants. (you can find food of your likes, say it THAI, JAPANESE, INDONESIAN, CHINESE, INDIAN, or local Malay food…ect.).

So, that technically ends our KLCC tour, I will post the remaining days on the next blog. Hope this blog have been helpful enough for you to use as a guide if you are planning to visit Kuala Lumpur.

Thanks and have a great day ahead.


Note: Aside from my self-photos taken by others – all images/pictures appears on this blog are personally taken by me and a sole/intellectual property of coffeeteaordearami.wordpress.com .
COPYRIGHT and stealing one’s property is a crime, don’t be a criminal;)


One of the best exciting part of planning your wedding is looking/conceptualizing your wedding dress. Hmmmn, okey I wanted to give a heart-to-heart talk to all soon to be Bride out there.

There are a lot of beautiful design in the market, or you may visit some gown boutiques near you, THE DRESS DOESN’T HAVE TO BE VERY EXPENSIVE TO DEFINE YOU, THE DRESS MUST DEFINE YOU TO LOOK CLASSY & SINCERE….you know what I mean…nah?..

I got married in 2018, meaning I was on my wedding planning in 2016-2017 since my husband poped the question December 2015 and those years turns into like a WEDDING YEARS as it has the most list of “CELEBRITY WEDDINGS” in the Philippines.

When I started looking for my wedding dress design, I started searching and filtering searches on PINTEREST as per what STYLE I wanted. Well, basically and USUALLY what happen is that these designs I wanted doesn’t really fit my personality.

So, I wen’t down to the basic —and that is FIND INSPIRATION.

There is these two Philippine actresses I went through there wedding pictures multiple times when I was planning our wedding, from hairstyle, make-up & the gown itself.

(Photo found on google – courtesy of Miss Toni Gonzaga)

The First one is Miss Tony Gonzaga, I just love the wrap around laces on the skirt & I love the ivory color that keeps the whole look ELEGANT but SIMPLE,.. truly LESS IS MORE.

I want my wedding dress to be like this one, but later on I realized one thing,..I need to consider my body type, and I never wear a “TUBE” type tops even before,. so meaning EVEN THOUGH I LOVE LOOKING ON HER DRESS, this will just remain as my eye candy.

(Photo found on google – courtesy of Miss Pauline Luna)

So came few month later another actress just got married & this time I think I found my match, I am not saying I am a sexy and as georgeous of Miss Pauline Luna, it’s just that I assumed we share the same “PLATOON” on body type — and that is

Wide hips & precise full bust line & shoulder (we are not petite). So, the moment I knew that my wedding dress will be somewhat looks like this, elegantly embellished & a trumpet/mermaid cut skirt (just because WE HAVE THAT CURVES!!).

I arrange a meet-up with RM sometimes in mid-year of 2017 to discussed everything about my wedding dress, and here’s my requirements:

2. 3/4s SLEEVES – EMBELLISHED WITH FLOWERETTES , LACES & SEQUINS. (to hid my amazona arms)
3. TRAIL LENGTH – “CHAPEL” (medium)
4. VEIL LENGTH – “CATHEDRAL” – longer than the dress itself.

(Photo credits to Pinterest)

Here is an image of TRAIL LENGTH for you references.

Some brides wanted long trails, but as for me.. I prefere the CHAPEL length, not too long , not too short…just so I won’t be bother walking around on the day. (but to be honest, it still is..haha).

Below is my WEDDING DRESS’S original design, and yes it happens the final product is a bit amended due to some circumstances, but went out pretty well, tho-.


Elderly says..” Don’t ever try-on the wedding dress before the WEDDING , because some bad luck will happen or might the WEDDING will end up being postponed, or some say the bride or the groom will die. (It is a Filipino sayings..).

In this generation & now a days, DESIGNERS get their Brides for 1st fitting (which is the base dress), 2nd fitting (to check on adjustments on 1st fitting), and 3rd fitting (with all the embellishments on it), to check some minor alteration.

And “I” went through those series of “FITTINGS”, I respect the saying but the situation calls for it. Let me say, I DIDN’T fit the dress several time before my wedding, my designer might ended up cutting & sewing on the hotel on my big day, because my body type changes fast, like I eat a lot today…tomorrow I AM BLOATED,.. you know what I mean.

So, what I am saying is..do not be afraid to break some rules, as long as it is justifiable,… after all IT IS YOUR WEDDING….;)

And when I say that, I mean LISTEN TO WHATEVER people around you say/opinion /ect. ., but don’t obey…You can feel me right..? (this goes ESPECIALLY to “YOUR” relatives that most of the times felt like they KNEW EVERYTHING….hmmn.. I mean about the dress,,,hahaha) .

LISTEN to respect…but don’t always obey! –FOLLOW YOUR HEART…

This was the final outcome of my wedding dress… and the first critic I’ve got “ON THE DAY” of the wedding itself is non other than my MOM…hahaha., because she expect me to be wearing a LACED SLEEVES (in 3/4, as per the original design..).

The tension rises when she got some opinionated comments from some people who told her, why she didn’t know her daugther was wearing an OFF-SHOULDER instead of a 3/4s sleeves.

Lucky, I have my Cousin who happens to be my Matron of honor , she said…” Forget about everyone’s going to say, just enjoy the day….” — those words, keep me lifted the whole day until the end of the event.

Okey, I know right….looking for the perfect wedding dress is next to hardship of looking for your true love….So to identify WHAT YOU WANT or should I say WHAT DRESS MOST DEFINE YOU AS A PERSON, let have some quick run-thu on these “CHECKLIST” I made or used myself when I was looking for a dress.

Since I was a super DIY bride and planned everything (almost 95%) of my wedding, I came up with this process my own with the help of the internet, shall we call this “THE SMART BRIDE CHECKLIST: FINDING THE RIGHT DRESS TO SAY YES!!” (by Dear Ami).

But note two things, one that this was applicable to CHURCH weddings, since our wedding ceremony is on a traditional Catholic way and two THIS IS MY OWN OPINION BASED ON MY OWN WEDDING PLANNING EXPERIENCED, I am not an expert on fashion/wedding dress design, hahaha just hoping that it will somehow help you find the right dress.

(by Dear Ami)

a.SIMPLE & SOPHISTICATED – designs are most likely full sleeves or 3/4 sleeves of any material, but usually embellished with laces, ect.

(Photo credit to: Ryan Manansala INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT)
WEDDING GOWN by Ryan Manansala

b. BOLD, FIERCE, FEISTY & SEXY – designs are most likely off-shoulder, tube type , revealing neck lines & back design.

(Photo credit to: Ryan Manansala INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT)
WEDDING GOWN by Ryan Manansala
(Photo credit to: Ryan Manansala INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT)
WEDDING GOWN by Ryan Manansala

c. ENCHANTING (like fairy tales) – designs are most likely lavishly embellished with precision laces & stone/beaded/sequins.

(Photo credit to: Ryan Manansala INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT)
WEDDING GOWN by Ryan Manansala

d. ELEGANTLY STUNNING – designs are most likely sums up all characteristic listed above.

(Photo credit to: Ryan Manansala INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT)
WEDDING GOWN by Ryan Manansala

(you don’t have to self-deny if you have those hidden baby fats, this is the real tea;)

a. FULL FIGURED/ HOURGLASS / VOLUPTUOUS – usually looks flattering on ALL cuts, but if you wanted to flaunt that hourglass shape of you, go with the TRUMPET AND MERMAID cuts.

b. TALL/ THIN/ SLIM & SLENDER – usually looks flattering on A-LINE , SHEATH, TRUMPET AND MERMAID cuts.

c. PETITE (the cute size;) – usually looks flattering on BALLGOWN & EMPIRE cuts to add illusion of volume on your body.

d. PEAR FIGURE (means small bust line – full figured hips) – usually looks flattering on BALLGOWN , basically to create an illusion of having a big-balloony skirt where in technically to hid the extra baby fat/muffin tops on your hips & waist line. (Avoid mermaid cuts & trumpet, this will just accentuate your not so necessary curves.).

e. APPLE FIGURE (means full bust line – smaller hips) – usually looks flattering on
A-LINE , SHEATH and EMPIRE cuts, and I assumed you should go on a flattering neck-line design to to make it your dress’ focal point. It is just re-directing the attention of the audience to hid the not so necessary areas. (You know what I mean.).

♡WHAT NECK-LINE DO YOU WANT or what is flattering on you?
Here is a chart I found on Pinterest, see if you can find one that matches you…

I don’t have much to say about the neck lines, since I myself doesn’t know what are the reference of the designers, but one thing’s for sure and I made this applicable when I am purchasing a tops to any store,..


(..all neck-lines are seems appicable to petite/slim ones…;)

I hope this blog somehow helped a lot on finding the DRESS that you’ll say YES!
Hope you guys enjoyed having a glimps of my WEDDING DRESS STORY…

If you are getting married soon, you may want to check out Ryan Manansala and other people behind, PLEASE CHECK LINKS BELOW…;)

RyMan Wedding Dresses ranges from 35k php and up, depending on your request & designs, for your reference.


Thank you..



Since I was planning to share my wedding planning experience on my next blog, please watch this video for some useful information if ever you are planning of getting married in the Philippines.

And yes!,.. you might be getting married reason why you came across this post,. well CONGRATULATIONS!!,..

First things first!!,.. make sure you are ready – emotionally & mentally.
Because you don’t want to marry the wrong guy and then get divorced afterward after realizing he is not Mr. right.

Why?..well come on….!!!. Wedding planning and getting married is not a joke, not a joke in front of the altar where you swear to God you will love each other and no JOKE ON THE POCKET baby!!!,…

Let’s face it!!! Getting married now a days is too EXPENSIVE just to get divorced afterwards….hehe (kidding aside,,,but half meant….).

So, after hearing those phrases from me, are you still brave enough to continue reading….
IF YES…. let’s start…

Basically, there are 3 simple steps to get married in the Philippines:

There are some LEGAL requirements you need to know before applying for a marriage license: (Specially to those who were 25 years old and or below…)

1. Both of you should be 18 years old and above.

2. If one of you or both of you were under 25 years old, a PARENTAL CONSENT was required. (can be guardian or any blood related up to 4th degree.). This person should also be free of legal issues, like being on a previous marriage – unless widowed or divorced.

3. After confirming the above listed – proceed to the next step…..and that is GETTING A MARRIAGE LICENSE.

MARRIAGE LICENSE – is a document you need to secure when preparing for a wedding. You will not be allowed to get a church or civil wedding without it.

The marriage license usually released 2 weeks or 10 days after applying, and its validity is up to 120 days only. Meaning, your WEDDING date should be within the 120 days period.


1. Both parties must go to the LOCAL CIVIL REGISTRAR of your town, ( can be the Bride’s town or the Groom’s town or municipality..).

2. You are required to bring the latest copy of you BIRTH CERTIFICATE from PSA (formerly known as NSO). You can request it on site or can request online, they will send it to you via carrier..usually LBC.

3. Notarized affidavit of consent if you are both or one of you is 25 years old or below.

4. Latest copy of Certificate of no marriage or CENOMAR – from PSA also.

5. Certificate of attendance on the set pre-marriage counciling usually held on the municipal hall or town hall where you apply the marriage license. (This is just few hours of seminar about married life, and few facilitator will give you advices…ect.).

6. Copy of valid I.D. (original and photocopy).

7. Both of you must submit your community certificate or CEDULA.

8. If you have all of the above, you can now fill-up the Marriage License request form – make sure you input all valid and correct details (including spellings of names)… because these are the info they will input on your marriage license, you will not like to be married on different person..hahaha. Only use the form issued by the Local Civil Registrar – to make use the process is all legal.

Please refer to the video for further info;)

Thank you..


D.I.Y. STYLING FOR PRENUP SHOOT [Our Prenup last October 2017]

We got married last January 2018, and I am a proud “DIY SMART BRIDE”, as I claimed.. mainly because I planned our wedding 2 years before the BIG DAY.

I know that was overly enough length of time to prepare (others even can do the preparation in 3 months..), but since I was too keen on details and I want’t everything to be close as what I conceptualized it as possible, I see to it that I AM HANDS-ON everything…from MOTIF SELECTION, FLOWERS COLORS, CAKE FLAVOR, down the the very least, table scheduling of the guest, (I will discuss this on another blog…;).

My husband pop the big question DECEMBER 22, 2016 – on our 10th year anniversary, from there on I’ve started planning the big day which originally set to be on our 11th year anniversary (Dec. 22, 2017 ), but sue to some issues we need to consider we’ve decided to do it January 21, 2018 (few weeks after..).

The moment I started conceptualizing our prenup shoot, I only rely on one APP , and that is PINTEREST.

It is actually a nice website to check out when you need to juice-up some creative ideas for INTERIOR DESIGN, CRAFTS, DIYs and STYLES (fashion).

I am so inlove with the color “SALMON” that time, it is a nude-peach or nude-coral hue that is not to feminine like the basic PINK color which is widely used when it comes to dresses and motifs.

After trolling over pinterest for a couple of times, I realized I am seeing a lot of ideas, but I need to ask myself…”WHAT DO I WANT?” , “WHAT IS MY IDEA?” .

I then started to filter pinterest in 3 major concepts:
1. BOHO STYLE or anything with a hint of Nature.
2. WHITES / Korean drama PEGS.

And when it comes to PHOTOGRAPHY styles, I will not go to with styles that requires my to buy a lot of PROPS- , balloons,..ect.

What I want is the LOCATION to be PERFECT enough to set the THEME & AMBIANCE of our picture.

I started looking over the internet and searching for the nearest possible location we can book, and there I found this very nice SPANISH/traditional mansion style private resort who has all what I want to see on our photos

“CASA SALOME” , located in Mabalacat, Pampanga. This is a private resort who can only house 1 bookings per day.

Our chosen photographer JEROME DELOS SANTOS of Studio Portraits seem like a resident photographer there, just because most of his client book the place for thier prenup. Loyalty award?….hehe

Aside from selecting the best photographer that suites your style, you also have to picked a reliable stylist. In my case, since I already have this ideas in mind..I just need someone to put them into reality.

Luckily, I have this classmate from college (Architecture), who happen to pursue his dreams in DESIGNING (not buildings) but wedding gowns. He also once been an apprentice of MAK TUMANG (you guys knew who Mak Tumang is right?…).

He is Ryan Manansala (known) as RyMan -Designer based in Pampanga. – he also did my Wedding gown (not to mention), which I’ll be doing another blog for that.

So I ask him, since he is doing my wedding gown maybe he can also design a long gown for me which looks like that what I saw somewhere on the instagram. That is how the BLUSH color long gown was made.

I wanted to wear this Blush gown with the hair piece I’ve ask my husband to purchase in LOVISA,Malaysia. It is a semi-round greek style hair piece in color gold.

See full Style below…


Style 01 details:
BLUSH GOWN (made to order) – By RyMan
Groom’s pink polo & pants: PADINI, Malaysia
HMUA – Chogs dela Cruz
Photographer: Studio Portrait’s Jerome Delos Santos
Coordinator: Porfolio Solutions by Cacai Munoz

For my next style , which I believe and I wanted to called the K-Drama style, just because of the all whites and the “UMBRELLA”, all of us kdrama fans knew what’s the thing with umbrellas when two of the main leads started to fall inlove.

I made this DIY umbrella which I bought from 7/11 for 99php and bougth 3 yards large laces from Market-Market (on 3rd floor- textile store..I forgot the name of the shop..).

So I started decorating the umbrella and before I realized , I made it look like some traditional umbrella from Dr. Jose Rizal’s time,..hahaha… I over decorate it…. so moving on…

The dress was from RyMan also, the original plan is that this white dress should be a WRAP AROUND dress , but due to some schedule issues Ryman didn’t manage to complete the original design and got me this dress as a replacement.

It went well tho-, just the fact that I accentuate my curves, which I am a bit off., but anyway…here is style no. 02.

STYLE No. 02: The Kdrama Bride? …(haha I just made that up..)

Style 02 details:
White dress – styled by RyMan
Groom’s White polo: UNIQLO,Malaysia
Groom’s Pants: PADINI, Malaysia
HMUA – Chogs dela Cruz
Photographer: Studio Portrait’s Jerome Delos Santos
Coordinator: Porfolio Solutions by Cacai Munoz

Moving on the next style, on this one I’ve purchased a MIDNIGHT BLUE DRESS from SM woman (Department store). I just saw this venus cut dress which I though will be great for the next theme – the Casual-Sophisticated style.


Style 03 details:
Blue dress: Sm Woman
Groom’s blue polo: G2000, Malaysia
Groom’s pants: PADINI, Malaysia
HMUA – Chogs dela Cruz
Photographer: Studio Portrait’s Jerome Delos Santos
Coordinator: Porfolio Solutions by Cacai Munoz

For the last and final style which was shoot in almost late afternoon (early evening), RyMan made me wear on of his creation.

It is a embelished-floral blush gown , tulle skirt that made PERFECT contrast on Casa Salome’s warm ligthing.

I even told RyMan, I didn’t imagine the gown will fit me…hahah I felt like a enchantress for few minuets…;)


Style 04 details:
Gown: by RyMan
Groom’s brazer & polo: PADINI, Malaysia
Groom’s pants: PADINI, Malaysia
HMUA – Chogs dela Cruz
Photographer: Studio Portrait’s Jerome Delos Santos
Coordinator: Porfolio Solutions by Cacai Munoz

Hope you guys enjoyed having a glimps of our Prenuptial shoot. Hope this helps you in conceptualizing your own prenup shoot.

If you are getting married soon, you may want to check out these people who made this shoot possible, PLEASE CHECK LINKS BELOW…;)


Thank you..




(Photo by me)

We’ve booked for a joined tour on our DAY 02 , and we will go on an Island hopping for the entire day. I remember we’ve paid around 1200php (for both of us) and that basically includes the boat ride to each island and meal for lunch.

The boat can convey at least 12 to 15 people, so they limit the headcounts to 10 people, plus the 2 boatmen.

(Photo by Kuya Boatman, hehehe….)

The weather that day is a bit cloudy ( and partly within the trip, I remember it really did rain a bit. But stop immediately after.

(Photo by me- these are our boatmen, and this is the part where it rains…)

Below are the Islands and Lakes we’ve been:

(Photo by me)

Thankfully, the rain stops before we’ve reached the famous Kayangan Lake, you’ve never been to CORON if you missed seeing this lake.

This is one of the ICONIC LAKE you need to see if you happen to be in Coron, via boat-ride , you will reach the foot of the hill that you need to treck up & then down to see the actual LAKE inside.

Well, actually it’s not Kayangan Lake when you are taking a picture of the iconic viewpoint you’re actually taking a picture of Coron Bay.

(Photo by me)

This was the small port on the lower part of the island where our boat needs to park and it’s time for us to trek by foot to reach the center where the actual Lake is.

This is us upon reaching the port…

Itwill take up about 15 min ( I assumed), before getting inside, there is a man-made steps curved on the side of the island , so climbing up is a bit easy..just be careful not to slip -off, specially if you are just wearing slippers.

Tho – there is a part uphill that they’ve already provided wooden hand rails for guide and safety.

One of the most #INSTAGRAMABLE Lake in the Coron is none other than the beautiful Kayangan Lake.

The waters of Kayangan Lake are said to be the cleanest and clearest in the Philippines. The water is extremely clear and the inside part of the lake is calmly sheded by plants & tress on the side of the hill.

While it puts Coron on the CHECK-LIST of must see touristic spots for most visitors, these beautiful islands hold many more amazing sights as well.

Here are some…..

(Photo by me)

Popular snorkeling spot featuring coral reefs with diverse species of colorful tropical marine life.

(Photo by me)

I remember how I didn’t enjoy snorkling because I DON’T SWIM! , but my husband did had a great time seeing the CORAL GARDEN underwater.

(Photo by me)

There are a lot of TOURISTIC sight we passed by, and I can’t just contain how this island are formed by nature for humans to enjoy,.. we really need to take care of them..as in seriously…. for the next generation to experience the same. (,,yeah… I sound like an advocate…. hahaha)

One thing that struggled me the most was the fact that since people of Coron maintains the corals that the island is known off, there are some island that the boats were not allow to park closer to the shore because the bottom of the boat will damage and destroy the coral garden.

On that being said so, “WE” tourist need to “SWIM” from there the boat stops up to the shoreline…… this means “I” who don’t swin needs to hoop on a lifebuoy and “KUYA BOATMAN” need to full me while he was swimming.

He (kuya boatman), advice for my husband to swin on his own instead of fulling me for safety purposes, (tho- my husband actually swin along with us..) —hahah STRUGGLE MUCH!!?

It is worth the “PAGOD” of Kuya Boatman, because his client need to see the beauty of Coron’s white sand….! — hahaha (PRIMADONNA much??!!)

(Photo by me- It was raining again…)

On our way back to Coron town proper, it did rain again..but the golden hour still shows it’s beauty throughout the moment.

(Photo by me- then the rain stops…)

The rain stops before we’ve reach the Coron town proper, and here the calmness of the ocean reflects the sunset and it declares victory over the rain! This closes our day…

That was the end of Day 02 , and the next day was actually our flight back to Pampanga. Nothing much on the last (half) day, I just remember we went out for an hour to buy some dried fish, which taste the best.

Please enjoy this short clip that I manage to put together as a summary…these are the only footage me & my husband has on our hand-phones;)

Thank you for being with me on this throw back blog, hope it will help you plan your trips to Coron.


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(which technically our second day, we’ve arrived afternoon the 1st day)

(Photo by me)

We’ve took the flight from DMIA (Clark) to Busuanga Airport via CebuPac. We’ve avail this 4 days-3 nights package on my officemate’s cousin who arranges tours like so.

We are on a joined package together with these group of students of about 7 or 8, I couldn’t remember anymore, but I guess us 2 completes the group.

(Photo by me- Peak of Mt. Tapyas)

We’ve reach Busuanga Airport and from there , Mt. Tapyas Hotel (who happened our accomodation for the rest of our stay) sent a van to picked us up.

We’ve stayed at Mt. Tapyas Hotel – was among those budget friendly hotel you can find around the area, it is near Mt. Tapyas. You’ll have a nice view of the sea, specially on the hotel deck.

The don’t have free breakfast tho- , but you can order on their cafeteria. And If ever you’re booking a room o them, make sure to get those room with balcony to have a nice panoramic view.

I didn’t manage to get cool photos of the hotel –if ever you’re interested checking it out, please see link here>> MT. TAPYAS HOTEL.

(Photo by me)

Mt. Tapyas was a minuet walk from our hotel, you’ll pass by some residential area before getting on to the mountain foot. Almost 700 steps towards the peak, my athletic husband didn’t let this chance to slide.

(Photo by me)

Mt. Tapyas said to be one of the tallest mountain and one of the most dominant land features around the town of Coron in Busuanga Island, Palawan.

Giving you that scenic view over the poblacion, its trail is easily accessible on foot. San Agustin Street which turns into the slightly sloping Malvar Street leads the way towards the foot of Mt. Tapyas.

Upon reaching the peak, you’ll witness the panoramic view of the island, this will instantly relives you tiered tights if ever…. hahaha;)

Below area my shot from the peak of Mt. Tapyas!

You’ll be facinated by the view and how calm the island is, the trees are still green & atleast Coron seems like isolated from the noise & pollution of the city.

Not to mention encountering some few locals who display generous acts & being super friendly to travelers & tourist. I love their personality;)

Trecking the peak of Mt. Tapyas will set your day as you’ll feel energized after sweating a lot. I felt like I did some work-out here. (Photo by my husband…).

After that morning tecking to the peak, we wen’t back to hotel to freshen up before having lunch down town.

After a while, we’ve took a tricycle to take us around the vicinity, lucky we’ve found this “KUYA”,,,(I forgot the name..),, he’s generous to act like our tourist guide and spent almost the rest of the after noon taking us onto places that must see.

One of the last places he took us was te MAQUITIN HOT SPRING, which if I’ll estimate aroung 15 to 20 min. away from town.

The place is very quite & calm, Maquinit is one of the very few saltwater hot springs in the world (as per google). It was along the southern coast of Busuanga Island, it is a few minute tricycle ride away from the town proper of Coron along a rough, curvy road.

This is one of the places I really enjoined and can never forget in Coron. I also remeber seeing a lot of foreigner enjoying the place because of its serenity. It is a very nice and recommended place to relax.

Me and my husband enjoy the quit and peaceful spot on the area, which I also remember these Korean couple we are with on the same spot, and what a coincidence seeing them on the same flight back, hahaa they actually remember us aswell,..

The girl said…”Ohh!,,, hot spring?!!,, yeh!?,,, — and we just said,,, ahhh yes,,,, hotspring!!! 😉

Don’t you just adore the mystery of nature & how mother earth can really give us this shelter to unwind.

So, that basically sums up our Day 01 , which there are still alot I didn’t manage to capture that time, including having the best halo-halo sold down town, that we had grilled “PUSIT” for luch on a traditional-barong-barong like restaurant and those souvenir shops we went to down town who sells cheap KEY-CHAINS, T-SHIRT & DISPLAY ITEMS.

Hope this gave you a lil’ bit of an idea what you can do in a day at Coron, Palawan. Please stay posted on the next part of this CORON blog, as I will share our experience on Island hopping at Coron.

Thank you so much for dropping by…


Note: Aside from my self-photos taken by others – all images/pictures appears on this blog are personally taken by me and a sole/intellectual property of coffeeteaordearami.wordpress.com .
COPYRIGHT and stealing one’s property is a crime, don’t be a criminal;)